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Take a look at our template letters here. If you would like to get involved with our cause or have suggestions for template letters that may assist in this campaign please do contact us.

De-registration letter

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Alternative Education: Government Support

In light of Welsh Governments' alternative to state education, we have provided template letters for those who have chosen one of their options. We understand most need financial support & additional resources, we hope these letters assist you in acquiring all you need to educate your children in the way you feel is appropriate. 

Letter to school or LA dispelling claim of misinformation.

The Kings Bench Division of the High Court in Cardiff heard the case on the 15th & 16th of November 2022. RSE/CSE was referenced, evidenced & proven to be a Global sex education. As referenced by the previous education minister & Welsh Government correspondence & documentation.


Our case is simple, the Government has attempted to convince us they removed an opt-out, however the legislation says something quite different. Secondary legislation does NOT cancel out primary legislation. 

Exercise your Parental Opt -out!
Approaching the School: Teacher Questions

Take a read through this guide on how to approach your school and questions to ask the teacher.

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Letter to School

Reach out to your school. Find out what they know and ask if they will form a working partnership to correct this wrong.

School Sit-Out

This template is applicable to all four countries if the UK. 
Our first sit-out will take place on Monday 12th July 2021.

Letter to Department for Education

Urgent Act Now!

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CSE Summary

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