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PCPW  is spearheading a coalition against the Welsh Government for the implementation of the Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) Act (2021). This Act mandates Relationship and Sexuality Education (RSE) from age three, with no parental opt out. This is a radical piece of legislation which should concern the whole of the UK.  

In 2017, the governments of the UK unanimously signed an agreement to deliver a new form of sex education into schools. It has various titles throughout the U.K., Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) being one of them.  The arguments in favour of overhauling the previous curriculum were convincing, after all, which caring parent would not want to educate their child about the potential harm of STIs, unwanted pregnancy and the dangers of online pornography?  And who wants their child to be ignorant of the radical physical and emotional changes that puberty will cause in their body? The same would apply to discouraging a child from discrimination against others.  Most parents would be mortified. So, what could go wrong with such a well-meaning and comprehensive educational tool? In theory, nothing. Parents should be able to fold their arms and feel confident in the educational process, relieved that much of the information they have passed on to their child in this regard will be sensibly and effectively fleshed out by the teachers they know and trust. 

Below is the framework accepted by our governments, the people we trust to act in the best interest of its people, most important of all the future generations. 


Age 0-4 “enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s own body, early childhood masturbation”,  Childhood masturbation does exist but these families need support, children do not need encouragement nor should this be normalise, it is sometimes a sign of abuse. As part of safeguarding a child is expected to “differentiate between “good” and “bad” secrets”; firstly, a child cannot differentiate between a good or bad secret, they simply know what adults tell them, never should you ever ask a child to keep a secret. (pg 38-39)

One of the attitudes 0-4-year olds will have is “the feeling that they can make their own decisions” (pgs. 38-39) children under four years of age?

It gets worse the older they get, age 6-9 “sexual intercourse” (pg 42).


We are told it is evidence based but much of it reference back to themselves and some not English, making it difficult for the average educator to question or trace back (that is if they question at all. Something we have discovered along this journey is most educators fail to question).  Living under a devolved Government who is supposed to act in the best interest of Wales, one struggles to see how any global policy could be applicable.

Online Open Access book International technical guidance on sexuality education_ an eviden
UNESCO International guidance on sexuality education 2018

Moving forward to 2018 we have the revised version, UNESCO (2018) (please see statement 1.3 in this document, it explains it is a revised version). This document also tells you it is part of the 2030 global agenda.appropriate. Biology and Safeguarding can be generalised, but sex cannot.


Here we have a rights-based approach starting from age 5 instead of birth, it sounds lovely but pleasure, consent, bodily rights & sexual rights for a child is a huge no from us. Sexual rights? from birth? you heard such nonsense? Now might be a good time to check out your child’s sexual rights. It speaks a lot of age appropriate and developmental sex education; this is an echo of the WHO (2010). According to (2018), 4.6% of children in mainstream schools in Wales have Special Educational Needs (SEN), less than 10% attend special schools, with many more waiting diagnoses, some often go without diagnosis. This dissolves the argument for age appropriate. Biology and Safeguarding can be generalised, but sex cannot.


This document tells you it is evidence based. It is based on 87 studies with a third of those from third world countries, over 40 studies were carried out in the states, and a wealth of it is drawn from aids and HIV research. We live in a devolved country where we have policies based on our needs. The importance of tailoring our children’s services is a grounding principle of our youth justice system. The Criminal Justice System is governed by the Westminster Government yet the services which are the functions of the system are devolved, we recognise the need for local solutions to local problems there but all that work seems to dissolve when put next to the idea of a global sex education system whereby the research is wholly irrelevant. That expels the claim of “evidence based”. It is evidenced for those people, but it is not evidenced for us in Wales. JUST REMEMBER THE IDIOLOGY BEHIND THIS EDUCATION, THEY BELIEVE IT SHOULD BEGIN FROM BIRTH. ITS MANDATED AGAINST PARENTS WISHES FROM AGE THREE!!!


What's been going on around the UK?

A year later we discover 242 schools in England had began to pilot a scheme which included self-stimulation for children as young as four. On further investigation we found it was part of the “All About Me” package from the United Nations (UN). There are many articles online, from Surrey to Warwickshire, there was uproar from the parents and that piece was removed overnight.  This is a clear demonstration of how these resources and policies can switch, change, or take a long time to fight. While we waste time on current contents, they are passing legislation to mandate from age three. Do you trust these policies and resources will remain appropriate the entire time that legislation is in force? The last time education act was changed was 20 years ago. We were operating under the WHO (2010) framework just two years ago, the same document the UK Government signed us up to after much pressure from lobbyist groups. In short, do NOT TRUST A POLICY CHANGE, we must fight the legislation which mandates this over parental rights, preventing the parent carer from acting in the child’s best interest and be the judge as to what is age appropriate. It is time the adults shouldered the responsibility of sex education in the form of appropriate safeguarding.


Scotland seems to be well underway with its sex education, they are not afraid to hide it either, published online for all to see. It is supposed to be healthy but John Swinney; dept first Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education has no problem with advertising threesomes for girls, facial ejaculation, bondage, porn and prostitution. The images used had to be pixelated for the evening news, but it is fine for the classroom. The only person seemingly vocal on this issue is Richard Lucas, leader of the Scottish family party. Richard has challenged them over and over, but they refuse to back down, there was an incident where they forbid him to speak about its contents in a room full of adults but again its deemed appropriate for children.


Anal Sex

Facial Ejaculation



Welsh Government

Before a campaign could begin we needed to be sure Welsh Government Ministers knew what we were getting involved with, the first step was to contact the Education Minister and ask what her skills and qualifications are and if she has properly scrutinised what is being proposed (the global adoption of sex education UNESCO).

What Do They Have to Say?

Government Correspondence

Education Minister Reassurance

July 21, 2020

Petitions Committee

Education Minister Committee Response


Public Child Protection Wales, Petition Committee Response


Education Minister Responds 5/3/21


PCP Wales response to Education Minister


Government Correspondence: Age appropriate?


Education Minister Responds 18/11/19

It is not over until we say it is over!


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