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We are raising funds to facilitate a legal battle against the Welsh Government implementation of the Curriculum and Assessment Act 2021. This new curriculum has the Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), known in Wales as Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE), embedded into every lesson across the curriculum. This new mandatory element is one of four, which Welsh Government deem essential for every child aged 3-16 with no parental opt out. 


Our fundraiser has so far been extremely successful and we have raised a significant amount for this cause. However we still need to raise more. We will be looking at sums in the region of tens of thousands of pounds.... Nevertheless, it is a small price to pay to ensure nothing but the best for the children of Wales and of course the rest of the UK. 

This is where you can help. Please raise awareness of this cause and point people in the direction of the fundraiser and donate if you can (any little helps-even £1) - the more contributors we have the more exposure we have on the fundraising platform. To donate directly to our campaign funds, you can do so HERE

If you would like to join one of our Fundraiser events or start your own please contact us directly


SKATE-A-THON Fundraiser

PCP Wales current Fundraiser event is going to be incredible. We are doing a 24 hour Skate-A-Thon. Our South Wales event is at Aberavon promenade.

If you would like to sponsor us please donate here or if you would like to get involved go to the foot of the page to contact us directly. You can either form your own group (6 to 10 people) or join one of our existing groups.

Walking from Pontypool to St Davids…. Fundraising for Public Child Protection Wales September 2021

I set off on my travels on the morning of Saturday 04th September 2021, aiming to walk solo from ‘the canal basin’ in Pontypool to St Davids, Pembrokeshire; St Davids is the smallest and most westerly city in the UK and has a significant religious history and is a beautiful place of pilgrimage.

The goal was to raise awareness about the global rollout of RSE (Relationships and SexEducation) which is now being introduced into our Welsh schools aimed at ALL children,without exception, from age 3, and to hopefully raise much needed funds for ‘Public Child Protection Wales’ in their head on battle with the Welsh Government.

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Get involved with our fundraiser or

start your own

Contact us if you would like to join any of our events. If you want to start your own we are open to ideas. If you would like to create a competition, a gathering or anything you can think of that brings people together please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

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