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Appeal REFUSED! Too Poor & Not In The Public's Interest.

As lead claimant on the case and chairperson of our grassroots organisation I feel it is my duty to break the news and share some personal thoughts on this matter. Late Friday afternoon, 26th May 2023, we were delivered a devastating blow. The court of appeal denied us permission to appeal. Six reasons were cited in all. The first one made little sense since we never did agree to the premise that we have no common law rights. You can read the full judgement here and decide for yourselves. Another reason cited is the costing of the proceedings, which implies that we are too poor and insignificant to challenge tyrannical governments but worse still, means that we are prevented from safeguarding children. However, the most concerning of all in my view is the fact that the judicial system deems the complete removal of parental rights by a power-hungry state, is not “in the public interest” when children aged 3 years and over are in firing line.

We are understandably disappointed. We did everything right. We took part in the consultation process, we actioned a petition (which was tampered with) and submitted seventeen pieces of evidence. We attempted an injunction, we secured a judicial review, but for some reason this was not enough for a so-called fair and democratic country. In a democracy we would not be having this discussion and we would not have to spend £120,000 to raise the alarm and cover legal fees. A true public consultation would mean the government doing the informing and the government also covering costs of advertising, but they have been less than keen to address this option in the public arena (we understand the reasons why, we too would hide and hang our heads in shame). This should sound alarm bells to every citizen, politician, NGO and safeguarding group in the UK but the silence is deafening.

Let us discuss “public interest”. Not only does the judicial system agree parents have no rights over education from age 3-16 but it supports unethical theories and ideologies. We are “sexual from birth” (the work of Alfred Kinsey) and frameworks featuring masturbation from birth are just fine. Queer theory (Judith Butler & Michel Foucault) whose definition and origins most people do not understand is rampant in our schools. It has persuaded people to believe it is suddenly cool and hip to identify as “queer” and be ultra kind to minority groups, whatever their agenda - that too, naturally, is just fine within this same system. Our very own professor Emma Renold was referenced in the original judgement and it is a shame the judge did not realise the controversy around her work and the fact the Welsh Government unsurprisingly denied any responsibility, but only after removing her resources “agenda” from the HWB website. Then we have gender ideology, the work of John Money and his mutilation and sexual abuse of children. This is the stuff of nightmares passed off as diversity and inclusion.

We have been raising the alarm for 3 years. We have reached out and presented classroom resources from around the UK, but it has all been dismissed. The Welsh Government claimed it was nothing but “misinformation” ,something they have still not retracted even after it was proven as fact in the High Court. The government lawyers failed to evidence these claims. Parts of our case are now being referenced in speeches in parliament, and are getting media attention and are also promoted by other organisations. Disappointingly, not one has come out in defence of the parents here in Wales, not one has taken steps to exonerate us nor, most importantly, give the children of Wales a voice. Once again, we have been side-lined, but accountability is coming. We sit and watch politicians debate the graphic nature of sex education, quoting stories of masturbation, oral sex, choking safely during sex and much more. This has gone on for a year now but how many of the 650 MPs have had the decency to click a button and check this for themselves? They are beyond negligent and an absolute disgrace. They are allowed to shout claims of “moral panic” without checking facts. How shameful! They too should be in panic for the welfare of future generations, but it would require a bit of moral fibre for that to occur.

So, here we are with the PM promising an investigation/Inquiry for the next academic year. A whole year and more after these claims first hit Westminster. Recess ends on the 10th of September, so we are not even looking at this being actioned until mid-Autumn- if a general election has not been announced by then, of course. The moment that happens our children are straight back on the shelf whilst this systemic grooming and destruction continues. But wait…. We have expert panels on the way. Wasn’t it the “experts” who got us here to begin with? Will these experts be the same ones not calling for an immediate halt of this comprehensive sexuality education? The same experts controlling the narrative and information fed to the public?

And all of the above is what they dismiss as “not in the public interest”. EVERYTHING about this is in the public interest!

Nevertheless, this inquiry is viewed as good news by some. However, a Conservative MP in South Wales has already confirmed that, since this is a devolved matter, the work at Westminster, providing it goes ahead, will not impact children here in Wales. I wonder if he’s even once considered the way our caselaw will impact the rest of the UK. We are living through dangerous times where we need to ask searching questions like, who benefits?

PCPW is the only group in the UK fighting for all children, not individual families, or groups. We have taken the risks , thereby ensuring we got certain vital things on public record, and we are the only ones highlighting the urgent importance of this case for the whole of the UK. UK wide lobbyists, NGO’s and representatives have not only side-lined the people and children of Wales, but they have purposely avoided the opportunity to support parents fighting this and to elevate the judicial review to the focal point it deserved. The outcome of the case, namely that the judicial system accepts that there is no such thing as parental rights means that this caselaw can and will be used against other British Citizens. We know this because as we have evidenced since day one, this curriculum is global not devolved, and all four countries of the U.K. adopted it in March 2017 (evidence has always been available on our website and was accepted as FACT in the High Court). This judgement will eventually be used against every citizen in the UK. So, one must wonder, who benefits from these lobbyists, NGO’s, the representatives, and the political pantomimes playing out? It is not the children!

Safeguarding seems to be a buzz word thrown about. Safeguarding is supposed to be preventative but what we are seeing is eight thousand children on a waiting list to be saved from their mental distress and no facilities to help them since the closure of the Tavistock Gender Identity Development clinic. This is not a victorious outcome. Children are drowning in ideologies dredged from the sickest and darkest minds this world has seen, but it is OK, they say, this is gold standard safeguarding according to them. Safeguarding is about advocacy and the child’s best advocate is their parent or carer. So, when the parents stood up and nobody listened to their concerns and in some cases purposely avoided, removed, and deleted any trace of parental engagement and participation, again one must ask the question- who do these people advocate for? It is not the children.

This is not the end of the road for us. If anything, this is just the beginning. Accountability is coming. We have a record of all correspondence, reports, emails, screenshots and messages. We compiled this catalogue in the name of the children who are the only people we work for. I personally believe that if you’re concerned about offending adults or saying the wrong thing during a time when children are under attack, then maybe you should step aside and allow us to do the work and say the things others are afraid to say.

We can be proud of the fight so far and of the foundations laid. Our actions postponed much of the danger posed to the children of Wales and beyond. We have been and still are raising awareness, and have given everyone the chance to corroborate the truth. If people are still in denial they cannot claim they were not told about it since we gave them the opportunity to check for themselves. As a collective we raised money to satisfy the substantial cost of the Injunction and the judicial review. We have paid in excess of £94,000 with another £15,000 to go. We believe every penny, threat and all the attempts of intimidation are worth it. You cannot put a price on child protection. We believe in action, not lip service. Fortunately, our strength comes from being a group of everyday people many of whom have suffered serious hardship as a direct result of systemic failings, so we have our eyes wide open and ears to the ground, observing opportunities to pounce in this game of cat and mouse. Instead of being an alienated and divided representation of working class people , which is the aim of those wishing to silence us, our community is going from strength to strength. We have proudly united all faiths and none, all sexualities, race, cultures, and people of all abilities. Money cannot buy what is happening here in Wales because core values have never been for sale. We do have major plans in the pipeline but we will be keeping some cards close to our chest . In the meantime, we will focus on ways of better supporting families, safeguarding children, and properly educating the nation . Together we will unite this Kingdom!

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This is an incredible injustice! Even the Justice system has been captured by the Queer ideologues!

May you appeal to the King? He has promised, in his Coronation Oath, to protect the people of the UK. A petition to him will be passed on to a Government Minister, but coming from him, it cannot be ignored. Also it must be made an issue in the next General Election and Senedd election!

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